Cure What Ails Ya…Chocolate Chip Cookies

Life isn’t always what you think it will be, but your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe usually is.  I found this recipe probably around a year ago, just after my annual christmas cookie baking bash with my aunt.  We were discussing our desire to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.  And can I note, even writing that sentence felt wrong to me.  I will always be willing to try a new chocolate chip cookie recipe, because the idea that there might be one out there that’s better makes me feel twitchy and anxious to know the truth.  But for now, I think this recipe may have changed my mind.

But back to this recipe, which I located while trying to find a recipe that produced a cookie that met one major criteria in particular: it had to be puffy.  So I went to that miracle of all miracles that is Google, and literally typed in “fluffy chocolate chip cookies” and after some prolonged clicking and research found this link.  The recipe is this blogger’s adaptation of a Levain Bakery recipe, which produces these little babies:

The result is pretty darn near perfect–lightly crisp outside, dense but not too cake-y inside.  In order to get this kind of puffiness, most recipes will replace the butter with margarine, but this causes a severe deficiency in taste.  A typical, non-puffy recipe will start out with room-temperature butter to make it easier to cream with the sugars for a fluffy consistency.  But the key to the puffiness in this recipe is actually keeping the batter as cold as possible.  To me this is a bonus because I almost always forget to take the butter out of the fridge ahead of time to let it come up to room temperature.  So you start with the sugars and one stick of butter which the recipe says to cut into small cubes, so I did it in almost a dice:

Now I would show you what the mixed version with the egg and vanilla added looks like, but frankly, it wasn’t very photogenic.

So then you add your dry ingredients in small batches to the butter mixture, and if your like me start to add a sprinkling of chocolate chips before you realize you forgot to take a picture of the chipless batter for your blog. 🙂

Then you (for reals) add the chips and mix it all together:

Now from what I remember of other recipes I have made before, the dough seemed a bit dry to me, but fear not, it will be delicious my choco-chip nirvana seeking friends.  Dare I say it will be legend…..wait for it….dary.

So at this point in our recipe, it says you should use an ice cream scoop to portion out the dough onto your parchment papered cookie sheet.  My house no longer has an ice cream scoop, so I used the roundest, moundiest (Yes, the English major made up a nonsense word) Tablespoon I could find.  I think it works out better because smaller cookies are less of a commitment in terms of how much you are able to eat at any given time. SOOO… this is what you’ll get:

Then in a sort of WTF moment, this recipe calls for you to push aside the chicken stock and throw away that quarter of a bag of frozen peas that is faintly reminiscent of garlic, so that you can put the whole tray directly into the freezer for 10 minutes.  DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.  It helps the puffy.  Respect the puffy.  Then you put directly into your preheated oven, and 12 minutes later you have a dozen of these little rascals.  I did this process twice so for me, with the Tablespoon portioning the recipe yields 2 dozen cookies.  But obviously, if you use the ice cream scoop method, your yield will be greater and your cooking time will vary depending on what level of doneness you want in the center of the cookie.  Do all this and you will be the proud (short term) owner of these little creatures:

In case you missed it in my earlier ramblings, find the recipe here, and Happy Baking Cookie Monsters!